Barrier Coating

Barrier Coating

Protect your printing from water, grease and moisture with the application of Barrier Coating by Accel UK. Barrier Coatings are designed to be applied to a paper, paperboard or corrugated board substrates in order to provide a moisture barrier or other required barrier properties. Barrier coatings can be used on non-food paper and corrugated board packaging applications.

What you get with Barrier Coating:

Accel UK can provide you top-quality Barrier Coating on your chosen substrates. Not only can Barrier Coating protect your media from grease, moisture and water, it can create a smooth feel, glossy appearance, non-stick or even anti-skid surface finish.

To learn more about materials which we suggest are suitable for Barrier Coating, please contact our friendly team at Accel UK in the Midlands.
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Added values for your products

A barrier coating, blocks the passage of various substances including; water, moisture vapor, oils and grease under a wide range of conditions and temperatures. The values of a barrier coating are that it provides:

  • Mold resistance
  • Package protection
  • Improved appearance
  • Higher productivity
  • It is environmentally friendly and provides a longer shelf-life for your products.
  • Repulpable without the need for separation when recycled

Barrier coating performance usually improves when multiple layers are applied to the substrate.
Protect your printing/packaging with top-quality Barrier Coating form Accel UK your sheet-fed printing press substrates. Contact Accel UK in Redditch to discuss your needs.
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