DigiPrime Coating

DigiPrime Coating

Increasing your variety of media by using DigiPrime Coating. A primer solution that can bring material into your HP Indigo substrate range that were unsuitable for printing before. Optimise your materials to ensure optimal ink adhesion with Accel UK.

Benefits of DigiPrime Coating:

  • Increase your choice of printable media
  • Extended shelf life by up to 24 months
  • Water based for perfect application
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)
  • Imperviousness to humidity
  • Achieve high quality prints on paper and synthetics
  • Highly compatible with HP ElectroInk
Be safe in the knowledge that Accel UK can coat your substrate with DigiPrime and create you an excellent medium to print on.
Benefits of digiprime coating

Looking for a same day turnaround?

Based in the Midlands, Accel UK has the capability to coat or treat your substrate and transport to you within 24 hours - 48 hours.
We pride ourselves on extremely high levels of customer service and as your authorised HP Indigo media treatment centre in the UK, you know we are a company that will not let you down.

Contact our team to discuss exactly how we can help you and your business.
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Looking for a company to provide you with high-quality DigiPrime Coating for your substrates? Contact Accel UK in the Midlands and extend your usable media for your sheet-fed printing press today.
Call: 01527 522 392 Fax: 01527 524 055
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