Inkjet Coating

Inkjet Coating

Are you looking to create good print quality and high resolution prints on non-paper substrates? Ensure you get your substrates coated to ensure a top quality finish. Contact Accel UK in the Midlands for same day turnaround on a multitude of materials to ensure you meet your customers needs.

Benefits of Inkjet Coating:

If you are looking to print on materials such as paper, PVC, polyester, polypropylene or other synthetic materials for items such as posters, banners and other advertisement products, ensure they have the correct coating for your print to adhere to. Inkjet Coating may be the solution for you and your business.

Contact one of the team at Accel UK in Redditch to speak with our experts who can inform you of what type of coating will be best for your project.
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Looking for a trade coating company in the UK to provide Inkjet Coating for your paper and synthetic substrates?
Talk to the experts here at Accel UK.
Call: 01527 522 392 Fax: 01527 524 055

Inkjet Coating - the details

  • Synthetic substrates do not provide a good base for your printing ink.
  • The ink needs to be absorbed rapidly by the substrate in order to achieve good
  • print quality and high resolution.
  • In case of film and other “non porous” substrates, the base material cannot absorb any of that liquid.
  • The liquid absorption has to be provided entirely by the coating.
  • Applying Inkjet Coating can provide a better dry time, higher resolution and more bleed control for your print.
  • So provides you with a better product to present to your customer.
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