Sapphire Coating

Sapphire Coating

Sapphire Coating is used to treat paper in order to improve printing, the complete process allows the ink to adhere better to the paper. Sapphire Coating allows HP Indigo users who are normally restricted to HP certified papers the ability to make any paper suitable for their HP Indigo press to use. This in turn allows HP Indigo users the opportunity to offer their customers a full and comprehensive range of Litho grade media including un-coated, coated and embossed papers.

Quality Sapphire Coating services in the UK

Un-treated paper can be supplied directly by any paper merchant to Accel UK. We will then treat the paper and trim to size if required, ream wrap or bulk palletise and courier it to you ready to print.
With a same day turnaround service available, you won't have to worry about slowing your production when you speak to Accel UK.
We will provide you with the professional and efficient service that has gained us our HP authorised certification.
Colour printed papers

So what's it about?

Sapphire Coating was developed to treat paper as a pre-coat to maximise ink adhesion and ensure ink does not come off your printed media so increasing the range of substrates available for your HP Indigo printing press.
Ensuring you produce high quality printing for your customers that is made to last.

Accel UK also provide a range of other coatings and treatments including Digiprime Coating, Dry Toner Primer and Inkjet Coating.
Our equipment
Based in the Midlands and an authorised HP Indigo media treatment centre, we coat for many merchants and printers for the HP Indigo sheet-fed market. In need of Sapphire Coating? Contact Accel UK.
Call: 01527 522 392 Fax: 01527 524 055
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